A Fine Autumn Weekend

Discover West Concord Village Day was a rousing success, and Judith Broggi returns to her Park Ranger duties.


Oh, man, wasn’t this weekend’s weather simply superb?? I just love days like that in the middle of autumn; they take you by surprise and make you all happy. SO nice to be outside, enjoying the sunshine, especially after the crazy rain on Friday.

For anyone who didn’t make it over to Discover West Concord Village Day, well, I feel very sad for you, because you missed a great party. I don’t always go to events like this, especially on a Saturday when I’m mostly driving from one sporting event to the next. But I decided to carve out an hour to go check it out, ended up spending two, and never made it past the railroad tracks. Which is unfortunate, because I didn’t make it to the Vintages wine tasting, or any other delectable delights up that way.

I DID, however, manage to hit Debra’s Natural Gourmet, which was celebrating their birthday. It was chock-full of vendors offering samples of everything from vegan seafood to muesli. I personally sampled dried figs, chocolate, granola, bratwurst, chocolate, cheese, tea, chocolate – let’s just say, enough food that it became my lunch. Oh, and birthday cake! I have a policy of never saying no to cake, and this was worth every bite.

There was music on the porch of Reasons To Be Cheerful, and a table of organic wares from a woman getting ready to open a new store next to Concord Outfitters (more on that later). And back on Beharrell Street, 1 on 1 Self Indulgence was offering hand treatments and chair massages, while a performance of a Chinese dragon and drums happened nearby. Oh, and there was this really fun group of women from Yoga & Nia for for Life who danced in the street! They were SO fun to watch, and if I had any ability to move my feet in some synchronized manner, I would have totally joined them.

The weather cooperated beautifully to make this a spectacular event. And later, I heard that the Cocoa House at RTBC was a rousing success, with more people crammed in than ever before. All in all, a fabulous time was had by all over in West Concord – kudos to the people who worked hard and pulled it off!

Welcome back, Judith!

My good friend Judith Broggi is back in town. I told you all about her oh-so-interesting career path here. She spent the summer back in her old stomping grounds of Chicago, doing some consulting at their very fine Art Institute, but has now returned to resume her Park Ranger duties here in town. She is also taking her passion for farming and channeling it into a community blog on the pages of wickedlocal, titled “Life Begins at the Back Forty.” If you, too, have an interest in farming and history, check out her writing; it’s entertaining as well as informative. I’m just happy to have her back here, educating tourists and locals alike on the history we live with every day. Pretty cool.


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