Because It's Undeniably Fall: Post Your Foliage Photos!

Do any leaf peeping this past weekend? Add your photos—cell phone shots or otherwise—to this gallery and help create a scrapbook of fall foliage photos..

With apologies to Boy George and the rest of Culture Club, we think Mother Nature does red, gold and green better than anyone.

And never is that more true than during autumn in New England. And, as surely as the fall season is upon us, we're all starting to see the leaf peepers among the regular tourists around town.

Taking a photo of the Minute Man statue? Why, yes, it and the lovely, leafy deciduous cluster behind it.

Well, they're not the only ones who can appreciate the fall foliage. So, for those of you doing your leaf peeing locally, com'e on and add your foliage photos to this gallery and help create a colorful fall foliage scrapbook.

If you take a photo with your cell phone, you can send the photo, with a short caption including the place and date, to Local Editor Patrick Ball at 781-530-0028.

Photos taken using Instagram, Lightbox and other cell camera apps are welcome. And if you have an iPhone, the Concord Patch iPhone App makes it simple to quickly add photos to the gallery above.

It's easy to quickly add photos—just sign into your Lexington Patch account (or sign into Lexington Patch using your Facebook account). Click the "Add your photos & videos" link below the photos and follow the directions. Be sure to include a caption.


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