In Concord, Wedding Bells on 12-12-12

And an anniversary they’ll never forget.


Theirs is a thoroughly modern love story.

Boy signs up for online dating service. Girl signs up for online dating service. Girl talks to boy on first day registered for said service. They meet. They get engaged. They marry on 12-12-12.

Lewis Bushie, 28, and Yuan Xu, 27, of Lunenberg, married Wednesday afternoon at Concord’s Chamberlain Park.  

It was an intimate ceremony with one witness—two if you count your nosy neighborhood Patch editor—officiated by Town Clerk Anita Tekle.

The bride wore a grey coat over her off-white dress during the ceremony, and took it off to take pictures afterwards. Her groom dressed in blue jacket over a light blue polo and khakis.

After exchanging rings and vows, Xu and Busie posed for pictures: With their officiant, with their witness, who documented the whole experience, and by themselves.

Before the newlyweds left Chamberlain Park to begin their life together, Xu explained the couple thought it would be nice to marry on a once-in-a-lifetime date like 12-12-12, and didn’t want to wait 100 years for another opportunity.

“We thought it was cute,” she said. “And this was the last chance we had.”

ankit December 13, 2012 at 03:20 PM


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