Coming Soon: Andy and David Newman: ‘Reciprocal Influences’

The brothers exhibit their work beginning next week at Concord’s Emerson Umbrella for the Arts.

The following information was provided by the Emerson Umbrella.

Opening Jan. 8, Emerson Umbrella’s gallery welcomes the work of Concord painter Andy Newman and his brother David of San Francisco. It is only the second time that they have exhibited together; the first was some four years ago, also at the Emerson Umbrella.

The brothers’ mother, Greta Newman, was an artist who exhibited in the United States and Europe and exercised a major influence on both of her sons. (Four of her early works, done in and just after art school, will be included in the exhibition.)  

David began painting seriously in high school and went on to complete his formal training at the Rhode Island School of Design. In contrast, Andy became a lawyer, practiced for many years in Washington, D.C., and only then decided to follow his mother and brother. His only formal training came from … David.

David’s most recent paintings marry together various styles in which he has worked in the past. While his earliest work was solidly figurative, the pieces here are more psychological, their abstraction stemming from mood or disposition, rather than the strictly literal. Some have a “cartoonish” aspect, reflecting a wryly humorous take on the world.

The 20-plus works selected by Andy share in common a preoccupation with form, coherence, and compositional harmony, whether their subject is buildings, roadways, or trees, even when, as in the case of several of the latter and largest pieces, the result borders on abstraction. 

This show, entitled ‘Andy and David Newman: Reciprocal Influences,’ runs from Jan. 8 through Feb. 5. 

A reception will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., on Thursday evening, Jan. 10, during which the brothers will be on hand to talk about their work and inspirations. The gallery at Emerson Umbrella at 40 Stow Street in Concord is open daily free of charge to the public.  Additional information is available at emersonumbrella.org or by calling 978-371-0820. 


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