Concord Players Still Need a Few Good Men

The local theatre group is short on men for its winter show, 'The Musical Comedy of Murders of 1940,' and is holding a special audition tomorrow night.

The following announcement was provided on behalf of the Concord Players.

The Concord Players will hold an additional night of auditions for men only at 7 p.m. this Thursday night, November 15, over at 51 Walden.

It’s for their winter show, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, which, contrary to its title, is not a musical. This very funny show has secret doorways and sliding panels, murder and intrigue, and should be a ton of fun to do.

So if you’re male and looking to keep busy during the long, dark winter nights, come on down and try out. You may discover a new passion. For full details on The Concord Players, their season, and a description of the play itself, go to www.concordplayers.org.


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