Honoring Veterans, Kudos to CMLP and a Showing of Next to Normal

The lobby at 51 Walden shows off their patriotic spirit with WWII memorabilia; we give thanks to our electric company; and Emerson Umbrella has a show opening this weekend.


Here we are, it’s Thursday, and we’re just days away from the big Veterans Day weekend. Got any plans? Even if it’s not a major holiday for you, you really should check out the display in the lobby of 51 Walden. It will not only get you in the spirit, but you’ll learn a whole lot. Jill Henderson and Carole Wayland have pulled together an impressive collection of World War II memorabilia, to coincide with the run of Mister Roberts, the current Concord Players show which of course takes place during that timeframe. They have lots of really cool stuff that will leave you breathless.

There’s a vintage Red Cross uniform; propaganda posters like the Uncle Sam one that says “I Want YOU for U.S. Army,” and the one that admonishes you not to tell where our ships are. There are letters from veterans, photos, even a telegram informing of the death of a soldier – an amazing glimpse into an historic time. Jill and Carole have done an extraordinary job pulling out their own collections, and rounding up pieces from other people. It’s a lovely way to honor our veterans, so drop in and take a look next time you’re heading through town.

First Responders

So we all know we had a big storm here last week, one that brought a lot of trees down and interrupted electrical service for about 3,500 customers around town. But thankfully, we have our own Concord Municipal Light Plant, which makes all the difference. Because within the first 36 hours, with a little help from some other local light plants, CMLP had restored power to 93 percent of their customers. That’s an impressive statistic.

And I’m sure you’ve seen their crews out and about, clearing the trees, installing new poles, and generally improving the electrical system. Kudos to them for keeping us awash in light and heat!

Nearly normal

I mentioned recently that I had no idea that Emerson Umbrella was host to theatrical productions: The Rocky Horror Show just ended, and the next show is set to start this Friday. Next to Normal is a Tony and Pulitzer Award winning musical about a mother with bipolar disorder and the effect this has on her family. I will say it’s not one of those shiny, happy musicals that makes you all warm and fuzzy; instead it deals with some pretty powerful issues, including mental illness, grieving, loss, ethics in modern psychiatry, and suburban life. Most of us can probably relate to at least one or two of those issues.

I’m personally excited to go see it because the mother is played by the very talented Maria Wardwell. She’s a personal friend of mine who has appeared in numerous musicals around the area, including Falsettos and Into the Woods, and who has an amazing voice. If the rest of the cast is the same caliber, it will be a show worth seeing.

It runs for the next three weekends, Nov. 9 through Nov. 24, with two matinees on Nov. 18 and 24. Tickets are $20 and $25. For all the information on ordering tickets, click here.

And Happy Veterans Day!

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