Infrared Photography at West Concord Gallery

Noa Gallery exhibiting work of Groton artist.

Noa Gallery Owner Barbara Scofidio is exhibiting the work of Groton artist Adrian Hlynka, whose work features scenes of Concord in infrared photographs.

Scofidio said she exhibited his work in her Groton gallery to good effect, and asked him to shoot some familiar Concord scenes. The images are so real they seem to come off the print.

Scofidio said she has seen infrared photography before, but it is unusual.

"It's very unusual to have it in color," she said. "I've seen it before in black and white."

Hlynka said he likes to "see beyond the obvious by using science and technology to see things in a different light (infrared, or by moonlight)."

"I see things from a different angle, above from hills or airplanes. Infrared is great for that because it cuts through the haze," the artist said. "The result of seeing things in a different light is the "otherworldly" look. Also clouds, instead of being just a background, become the subject."

He commented on one of his prints that it, "looks strange to us because it was made with Infrared light, which our eyes cannot see, as well as visible red light. Green foliage looks very bright, and blue sky looks very dark in infrared.When making it visible, the photographer chooses the color that will represent the infrared. Because foliage is bright in infrared, it appears as a bright color."

Scofidio will carry the exhibit through the fall, and some pieces indefinitely.

Scofidio said photography as an art form is growing in the area.

"There is so much photography," she said. "This is a surreal portrayal of some recognizable Concord scenes."

She said reaction from viewers comes in two forms: those that embrace the technique, and those that are uncomfortable with it.

"For some people, the photos are just not the way they envisioned it," she said, "especially the cemetery. It throws them off-guard."

But for those that embrace the technique, Hlynka has created some custom work, Scofidio said.

She worked with a bride that wanted her wedding setting shot by Hlynka.

"That's the great thing ab out working with real people," said Scofidio, in contrast to Old Masters. "You can get something so customized."




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