Concord Sports and Therapeutic Massage Announces Opening

Owner/therapist Susan Feist returns to Concord.

The following was submitted to Concord Patch.

Concord Sports and Therapeutic Massage, recently announced their opening at 97 Lowell Road, next door to the newly opened . Susan JW Feist,  Licensed Massage Therapist, and owner/therapist, is excited to be “back” in Concord.      

No stranger to Concord, Ms. Feist has spent much time at the North Bridge as a Revolutionary War reenactor and member of His Majesty’s Tenth Regiment of Foot, and can trace her family history back to the 1600’s in Concord, Lincoln and Sudbury.

“Being in this area,” says Ms. Feist, who grew up in New Jersey, “really is ‘coming home!’"                                                                                            

Ms. Feist, a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College, Columbia University and the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, specializes in sports massage for all types of athletes…from pro/elite, to recreational and high school. An avid triathlete, runner, skier and hiker, she is well acquainted with the muscular challenges athletes face. 

Ms. Feist also specializes in deep tissue and trigger point massage for injuries and chronic muscular aches and pains.  For both athletes and folks suffering from muscular limitation and dysfunction, Ms. Feist teaches trigger point self massage and believes that it is important not only to educate, but empower people to “heal themselves.”

“Giving folks the tools to help themselves, by teaching simple self-massage trigger point work with a ball, is incredibly rewarding, and an important part of my practice,” said Ms. Feist.

Sports and therapeutic massage aren’t the only massage modalities offered at Concord Sports and Therapeutic Massage. For clients with anxiety and stress, Ms. Feist combines massage with special sound healing music, developed by Dr. Mitch Gaynor and others, to effect deep relaxation. “Sound healing is more mainstream now, and used in top hospitals around the country,” explains Ms. Feist.

“It is an important adjunct to the work I do.” Adults are not the only ones dealing with anxiety these days. As a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, she is comfortable working with children as well.

Ms. Feist is also a certified Infant Massage teacher, and qualified in Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Massage.

Ms. Feist is a member of Concord Indies and Concord BNI.


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