Police Allege Alcohol-Related Violations at Chang An

CPD point to two OUI arrests after accidents and one incident in which an underage person was served.


At a Board of Selectmen’s meeting earlier this week, members of the Concord Police Department spoke publicly about three alleged alcoholic beverage violations that have occurred at Chang An Restaurant over the past two years.

According to CPD Sgt. Jack Kennedy, the incidents include two motor vehicle accidents in which the drivers were arrested for operating under the influence and were allegedly last served at Chang An. The third alleged violation accuses the Concord Crossing eatery of serving alcohol to a minor.

Describing the Jan. 7 meeting with the selectmen, Kennedy said police were “presenting factual information to the Board of Selectmen,” the local licensing authority in Concord.

The selectmen decided against holding a formal hearing on the matter, opting instead to refer the matter back to police, who will speak with restaurant management about the violations.

If there are further incidents at Chang An in a short period of time, the selectmen would be advised and could decide to hold a hearing and possibly take action regarding the restaurant’s alcoholic beverages license, Kennedy said.


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