About Town: The Revolution Begins; Photo Contest

Watch the reinactment at Meriam's Corner on Saturday afternoon.


Good morning and welcome to another installment of About Town.

We are heading into the prime time here in Concord. Be sure to keep Saturday afternoon free so you may watch the reinactment at Meriam’s Corner. If you have attended reenactments in the past, you know how impressive they are. Reenactors from Concord, surrounding communities and even Great Britain don the clothing and supplies of the day, and replay the first battles of the American Revolution. Watching is not only free, it is very rewarding.

Meriam’s Corner is at the junction of Lexington (then known as Bay Road) and Old Bedford roads. The reenactment begins at 1 p.m. Don’t worry about seating, the fields are long, leaving plenty of opportunity for everyone to see everything. Many thanks to the reenactors and the town’s Public Ceremonies Committee for making this possible year after year.

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened at Merian’s Corner is 1775, as taken directly from the Public Ceremonies Committee’s website:

“This commemoration marks the assembly and actions of militia and minuteman units that arrived at Meriam’s Corner during the British retreat from Concord, Aril 19th, 1775.  After the Regulars’ withdrawal from the North Bridge where they had engaged with more than 400 Minutemen, they began a retreat back to Boston. By the time the Regulars arrived at this spot at half past noon, there were reported to be about 1,100 Minutemen in the area from more than a dozen towns. A challenge by the Regulars started a classic guerilla action, which continued for many hours as the outnumbered British retreated towards Boston.  At least two British privates were killed and several others wounded here during that initial exchange.  By the time the day was over, 49 Colonials had died, 73 British troops were killed, plus 173 wounded and missing.
Thus began a war that would not end until Yorktown, more than six long years later, and thus our nation was born.”

Photo Contest

I was mailing a package at the U.S. Post Office on Walden Street Saturday and had an opportunity to see the many photographs entered in the second annual “Winter in Concord” photo contest. I was so impressed with the shots many of you captured around town. You will be too, so I suggest you stop in either the Walden Street Post Office or the West Concord Post Office for a look. The contest is sponsored by the U.S. Post Office in Concord and of 111 Thoreau St. photo contest. The winner receives a $100 savings bond.

That’s it until next Tuesday.

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