Update: April Showers, CCHS Student Musicians

And don't forget naturalization ceremony at North Bridge this afternoon.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we see water gushing from the hoses that drain ours and our neighbors’ basements. We all love the rivers that run through our hamlet, but we don’t particularly care for them running through our homes.

If you think you may get water, I recommend dusting off the sump pumps and hoses from last year and setting them in position. If you’re not sure, or think you need a little more power, I saw stacks of sump pumps and hoses for sale at and . Get them now! Don’t wait until they are out of stock.

Just as an aside: three years ago, I bit the bullet and invested in one of those basement French drain systems. Yes, it seemed expensive at first, but to be honest, I have not missed a dime of it, and now, I find rain rather soothing. If your home gets water, and you’re on the fence about a professional waterproofing system, think of it this way - if your roof leaks, should you fix it right or position your pots and pans around the house to collect the rain? 

CCHS Student Musicians Return from East Coast Tour

student musicians Alexander Kinmonth, Stephanie Mundel, Dominic Ryder and Tommi Veitch have returned from their East Coast tour. Two weeks ago, I reported that the students qualified to perform at the All-Eastern Music Festival at Morgan State University.  Alex played the oboe, Stephanie the tuba, Dominic was on percussion and Tommi played the French horn.

Before arriving in Baltimore to play with the other talented high school musicians from the Eastern United States, the foursome qualified for distinguished seats at the Eastern Massachusetts Senior Music Festival and the Massachusetts State Music Festival. These were no small feats. Join me in congratulating this very talented group of aspiring musicians.

The New Americans

Don’t forget! Today at noon, the Minute Man National Historical Park is hosting a naturalization ceremony at the . Fifty new Americans are expected to be sworn in.

The Concord Minute Men will be there. The National Anthem will be performed on the fife by Adam Hodges-LeClaire. A musket volley will follow. Samantha Stoutenburg of the United States District Court will call for the posting of colors and the National Anthem. She will also administer the Oath of Allegiance. Nancy Nelson, superintendent of the MMNHP, will give the welcoming remarks. Lou Sideris, chief of Planning & Communications for MMNHP, will be the keynote speaker. President Barack Obama will be there in spirit and on audio file, from which he will congratulate the country’s 50 newest citizens.

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