Changes Coming to MBTA Fares and Services

Concord commuter rail riders can expect an increase in fares and a decrease in service in the coming year.


In an attempt to rectify a projected $161 million deficit in fiscal year 2013, the MBTA is reviewing a couple options that would save the transit authority money, but would scale back services to our area.

The MBTA, along with the Central Transportation Planning Staff to the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, have come up with two potential scenarios to implement as a means of closing the foreseen budget gap. Whichever option is ultimately selected, it will have an immediate impact on Concord's commuter rail schedule.

The first scenario, according to the MBTA's executive summary of the two options, would generate a total revenue gain of $161-$172 million through a combination of increased fares and reduced services. Likewise, the second scenario, through a different ratio of combined fare increases and service reductions, would net the MBTA $165-$182 million.

So what does this mean for Concord?

According to both scenarios, commuter rail trains would stop running after 10 p.m. on weekdays, and all weekend service would be eliminated.

According to the first potential scenario, single ride fares for commuter rail Zone 5, which includes and rail stops, would go from $6.25 to $9, an increase of 44.4 percent. Under the second scenario, Zone 5 fares would increase to $8.25, or by 32 percent.

Pass prices for Zone 5, under the first scenario, would increase from $210 to $282, or by 34.3 percent. Under the second scenario, pass prices would increase to $259, or by 23.3 percent.

Park and ride facility rates would remain $4.

How much do you rely on commuter rail services? Would such changes impact your daily routine? Tell us what you think of the impending changes in the comment section below.

Dr. Kevin January 05, 2012 at 03:28 PM
$9 for a ride to Boston!!! If you and the wife wanted to go into Boston for an evening and not worry about driving, it is now $36 round-trip...yes this will definitely impact how much I use the commuter rail.


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