Climbing the Walls

Rock climbing is a pleasant blend of exhilaration and exertion

Spring is finally here! You may have some lingering cabin fever - climbing the walls and itching to break out of winter hibernation. If that’s the case, then climbing the walls might be the answer. Escape this week to Boston Rock Gym in Woburn.  For a first-timer or a more experienced climber, Boston Rock Gym is a fun adventure and close to home.   

With rock climbing you will learn something new, get a good workout (upper and lower body), and climb things you thought you could. Rock climbing requires concentration and focus and, if your not careful, you may find it to be habit-forming.

For a beginner, Boston Rock Gym will give you basic instruction and get you going on the auto belay device. Belaying is a basic rock climbing term that means securing a climber while they are climbing by controlling the rope.  Eloquently put on rockclimbing.com, “Belaying allows a climber to fall and live to try again.”  This important technique is at the heart of climbing. Typically, one would climb with a partner and use various devices to put friction on the rope to belay for one another.  At Boston Rock Gym, they have auto belaying devices, allowing a newcomer or someone on their own to come in and try rock climbing independently.

For your first visit, get an Adult Day Pass (plan to spend an hour or two), get started with the help of the Boston Rock Gym staff, and try the three auto belay climbs. Wednesdays are Ladies’ Day and the Day Pass is deeply discounted.  For an additional nominal fee you can rent a harness and climbing shoes (both are required).  The Day Pass is a good way to get a taste of rock climbing.  The next step is the introductory class where you will learn the basics of climbing such as the equipment, knot tying, and safety.

After a rock climbing session at the gym, you will feel a sense of accomplishment (you’ve tried something new), you’ll get an adrenaline rush (a pleasant blend of exhilaration and exertion), and you will have challenged yourself (using latent skills and muscles).  


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