Concord Snow Photos: Stick Your Camera Out the Window!

It's easy to upload the snow photos you captured in Concord Just click the "Add" link below the photo gallery and follow the directions.

You know you'll be taking photos of the snow in Concord this weekend—so share them and let's create a gallery of how the town looks during what could go down as the Blizzard of 2013.

Use the photos you already took this morning, or take your camera or cellphone, stick it out a window or doorway and take a photo or a video. Then upload it to this article. You can sign in with your Concord Patch account or your Facebook account.

It's easy, just click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button and follow the directions. Be sure to include a caption for your photo that lets others know where the photo was taken. The more specific you are the better, but simply mentioning the roadway in Concord is fine too.

Let's have some fun with this and see what we can create together. And, of course, stay safe out there.


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