Concord's Social Media Saturday

This past week on Concord's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here at Concord Patch, social media is a big deal.

It's one way we interact with you, answer your questions and get to see what's on your mind.  is a weekly feature where we highlight your questions and thoughts you've shared on Facebook and other media throughout the past week.

We'll also point you to some new and interesting pages you may not have known about before.

Overheard Through Social Media

Here is a sampling of comments and happenings on our Facebook page and the social media world from the past week:

  • We still haven't quite reached our goal of 215 followers on Facebook yet, but we're well on the way. We gained four new friends this week, increasing from 203 to 207. Remember to share our posts with your friends, and "Like" us on Facebook.
  • On Saturday, Aug. 20, we posted the first bit of information on a high-speed police pursuit that ended in a motorcycle crash on Sudbury Road. Understandably, Anthony Healy wanted to know, "What was the result of the chase? Was it a legit stop ? Was the Motorcycle operator acting and driving reckless? We want to know all the details!" We let Anthony know we were on it, and over the next few days posted all of the information as it came in. On Wednesday, Aug. 24, in response to the  additional coverage, Anthony showed his appreciation, saying, "Thank you for the follow up."
  • On Monday, Aug. 22, Janet Beyer . Fay was instrumental in drafting some of the nation's most important legislation regarding people with disabilities. Maureen Costello Belt "Liked" that post on Facebook.
  • On Tuesday, Aug. 22, we asked where the best ethnic restaurants are in the area. Deanna Leary Stillings emphatically answered, "Viet-Thai in Lowell!"
  • On Wednesday, Aug. 23, Forever Tile Inc linked to Concord Patch in their post, "Concord Patch and clients of Forever Tile Inc are talking about the earthquake that shook the area east of Charlottesville, VA yesterday afternoon. We have had a couple clients sharing their stories in the store about what they felt while working in Boston during the quake. Anyone experience it?"
  • On Thursday, Stacey Kilpartick filled us in on the . Football fans Amanda Jean Petro and Lydia Gregoret "Liked" that post.

Social Media Page of the Week

  • Venturing Out on Facebook — See what this non-profit organization is doing here in Concord to help inmates prapre themselves for the business world prior to their release from the Northeastern Correctional Center.

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