Update: Sunrise Spectacular; Everything You Need to Know, But Never Can Find

Concord: A magnet for newcomers. Runners surprised by gorgeous dawn.

Sunrise Reflections

Just before Christmas, I highlighted residents Bill and Alice Lehmann. The couple greets most new days with a 5-mile run through Concord. After finishing yesterday’s run, Alice shared with me what they saw. The rising sun reflected simultaneously on the ice and broken ice of the Concord River near the North Bridge. “We just happened to be there when the sun was there,” Alice said, “and it was beautiful.” What a lovely scene to greet the day.

Concord’s excellent schools, historic icons and small town charm have long been a magnet for newcomers. And thanks to the Light Department’s Carole Hickman, Concord now has a real magnet for newcomers.

Carole designed a 3.5-by-4 inch refrigerator magnet that the town will begin issuing to new residents. The magnet not only welcomes new Concordites to town, but provides an easy-to-read directory of emergency phone numbers for Concord, as well as Concord’s website: www.concordma.gov. The numbers listed on the magnet are Fire & Police, Public Works, Concord Light, Emerson Hospital, the Town Directory and Public Schools. No more tearing the house apart searching for Concord phone book!

Carole, who works as a service administrator for the customer service department, said she came up with the idea after a recent survey revealed that few newcomers actually read all the materials the town includes in its welcome pack. Her home refrigerator is adorned with magnets citing the New England Patriots’ schedule, as well as the Red Sox.  A magnet featuring Concord’s most sought-after numbers came to mind.

The switch to magnets will save the town approximately $2,500 a year. Carole expects the first batch to be in the mail by mid-March. Our friends at Minuteman Arc will help stuff and address envelopes. Carole said the magnets are intended for the new residents at this time, but if the need arises, she will be happy to look into magnets for those of us who have been here for a while.

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