Five Must-Knows Before Filing Your Taxes

Time to pay Uncle Sam, and we have five tips to help you.

It is everyone's favorite time of year as Tax Day soon approaches. 

For this edition of Patch Picks, we've compiled five tips to help you out as you undoubtedly wait until to the last possible second to file your taxes.

  1. Federal Deadline - The deadline to file your federal taxes is actually Monday, April 18, because the Friday is Emancipation Day. 
  2. State Deadline - The deadline to file your state income taxes is actually Tuesday, April 19, because Monday is Patriots Day.
  3. File electronically - It's quicker, easier and, if you sign up for direct deposit, you get paid faster.
  4. Extra Credit - Make sure you've taken advantage of all relevant tax credits–including credits for paying college tuition, any donations to charityand business-related expenses if you itemize. 
  5. Went Green - If you purchased a hybrid, clean diesel or electric car in 2010, make sure to receive a credit for it in your taxes.


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