Flu Shots in Short Supply

A number of area pharmacies are out of flu shots, but some are optimistic that more dosages could be on the way soon.

With the recent widespread reports of a severe flu season, many local pharmacies have seen their stock of flu shots quickly depleted over the past few weeks.

Most pharmacies in Concord, Bedford and Lexington are out of flu shots, though some local pharmacists are hopeful they’ll receive a shipment in the next few days.

As is the case throughout the area, most local chain pharmacies—like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid—are out of flu shots.

You can also check for flu vaccine availability at http://www.masspro.org.

However, the CVS on Great Road in Bedford does have a few high-dosage shots available for folks ages 65 and older. A pharmacist there said local CVS stores are hoping to receive a shipment of flu shots in the next few days.

It was a similar story at the Stop & Shop in Bedford, where the pharmacist said they’ve run out of flu shots, but expect another shipment soon. The Stop & Shop in Lexington does not administer flu shots.

In Concord, the independent West Concord Pharmacy is fresh out of dosages. It’s unclear whether reinforcements are on the way.

And in Lexington, the Theatre Pharmacy on Mass Ave doesn’t do flu shots, but said they’ve been hearing about a dearth of dosages in the area. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a pharmacist there said, because a run on flu shots could indicate people are listening to the advice of public health officials.

With the shortage of flu shots, local pharmacists do encourage locals to call their pharmacy in advance to make sure flu vaccines are available.

The flu shot trend is not hyperlocal.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the flu shot may be harder to find now than it was earlier in the season, but those who did not get the flu shot should still try to get vaccinated. The vaccine is "the most important step" in fighting the virus, the CDC says.


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