Many Concord Spots Have Reward Cards for Frequent Users

Frequent buyer rewards: With these deals, buy some, get some free.

We're all watching our family budgets these days; whether shopping with coupons or looking for two-for-one deals, we're taking advantage of all sorts of offers and savings that help us stretch our dollars.

This column is dedicated to finding you five local deals each week and since we do the scouting you can save time and money.

Let us hear about the bargains you've seen, add them to our comment box, then come back each week and see what we've uncovered.

This week, FF scoured our local sources to find frequent buyer deals to save you money at your favorite local restaurants. 


Deal: With the bakery’s Java Heads card, buy ten cups of coffee and get one free.

Good Through: indefinitely

* also offers a stamp-card for regular coffee and specialty coffee drinks.  Customers buy nine, get one free, and each month full cards can be entered into a random drawing to win a Teacakes gift card.


Deal: With the frequent buyer card at Debra’s customers get a stamp for every $10 they spend, and save $5 when they hit $100.

Good through: indefinitely


Deal: With this store's little green card, frequent buyers get a stamp each time they spend $10 or more, and after 9 stamps they save 20% on their next purchase.

Good through: indefinitely

4.) (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81747133732)

Deal: Customers who join the café’s mobile fan club receive a weekly deal by text message, and are automatically entered in a drawing for a $25 Club Car gift certificate.  To join, send a text message with the word “clubcar” to this number: 244 326.  This week’s deal:

Good through: indefinitely


Deal: This café has two types of frequent buyer cards - smoothie lovers who buy 5 smoothies will get one free, and coffee aficionados who buy ten cups will get one free.

Good through: indefinitely


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