About Town: Stefanie Cloutier's Trifecta

Stage production of "MOMologues 3: The Final Push" to support Massachusetts children of military deployment.

Good morning and I hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday.

Lots of good things going on so let’s get to it.

First up, did you know that our favorite Patch columnist Stefanie Cloutier is an accomplished playwright?

Because Stefanie was born with an abundance of enviable qualitie, not to mention good looks, and not a speck of vanity, it falls upon me to spread the news of her thespis-inspired endeavors. Back around the turn of the century and under the spell of sleep deprivation brought on by the arrivals of Isabella and then Ben, Stefanie thought she could simply streamline the motherhood thing into her very active lifestyle. And who can blame her? What parent among us was not caught off guard by the shrieking demands of those little darlings we were all so happy to welcome into our hearts.

Stefanie, being Stefanie, bundled all the silver linings of those potentially stressful situations and, collaborating with new moms Lisa Rafferty and Sheila Eppolito, created "MOMologues," a successful stage production that has made audiences laughand laugh from Boston to Brussels.

MOMologues was so successful, a sequel, "MOMologues 2: Off to School" made the rounds, and now Stefanie, Lisa and Sheila are working on the sequel to the sequel, completing  the trifecta, if you will: "MOMologues 3: The Final Push," Delivered by Mom Demand!

Aren’t their titles clever? The performances are too. You can be one of the first to see the stage production of “The Final Push.” And - keeping with the nurturing spirit of all moms - support Massachusetts children of military deployment.

The benefit is next Wednesday, May 16, and features a cast including Melissa McMeekin (seen recently on '30 Rock',) Erica McDermott ('The Fighter' and 'Irish Whisper',) and The MOMologues veterans Paula Markowicz and Ilyse Robbins. the performance is at  Norwell’s Company Theatre. I know it’s a haul and it’s a school night, but it’s STEFANIE!!! We all want to see STEFANIE!!!  This will be a one-night only performance showcasing all the fun that is being a mom during the middle school and high school years. 

Operation: Military Kids, IS the U.S. Army's collaborative effort to support children and youth affected by military deployment. In Massachusetts alone, there are 13,000 military kids – Operation Military Kids’ goal is to connect military children with local resources to foster a sense of community support and well being.

For more information, go to www.momologues.com. For tickets, visit companytheatre.com. I think I may round up a bunch of gals and head to Norwell for a girls’ night out. .Let me know if you’d like to join me in giving Stefanie, Lisa and Sheila a huge round of applause .

Speaking of Stefanie, check out her column Thursday in Patch!

That’s it for now, so ‘til Tuesday …

Do you have something you would like to share? Contact me at mcb23@comcast.net or Stefanie at stefanieac@comcast.net and we will be happy to help you spread the good news. And follow us on Twitter: Stefanie is @stefanie3131 and I am @cosmo1162.

Stefanie Cloutier May 08, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Wow, Maureen, you make me sound so fabulous! I want to be that person :) Thanks for the write up!
Janet Beyer May 09, 2012 at 01:52 PM
I am impressed. GOod work, Stefanie.


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