Save on Clothes and Jewelry, Garden Supplies

Spring specials and winter sales.

We're all watching our family budgets these days; whether shopping with coupons or looking for two-for-one deals, we're taking advantage of all sorts of offers and savings that help us stretch our dollars.

This column is dedicated to finding you five local deals each week and since we do the scouting, you can save time and money.

Let us hear about the bargains you've seen, add them to our comment box, then come back each week and see what we've uncovered.

This week FF scoured our local sources to find a few spring specials, plus some cold weather hold-outs.

1.) NOA

Deal: Stop by and add your name to this store’s birthday list to receive a 20 percent off postcard in the mail each year around the time of your special day, to save on your next purchase of jewelry, fine handcrafts and gifts made by local artists.  "It's our way of saying happy birthday and thank you for being such amazing customers," says noa co-owner Barbara Scofidio. 

Good Through: Indefinitely


Deal: On Saturday and Sunday mornings, Verrill Farm offers its take on the breakfast sandwich, made to order and served hot for just $2.95 each. The sandwiches are made with an egg, bacon, and American cheese, served on an English muffin.  It might be spring officially, but lingering chilly weather means we can still justify cold weather comfort foods for a few more weeks.

Good through: Saturdays and Sundays, 9-11 a.m.

3.) BLUE

Deal: Spring is here, summer's coming, and several local merchants are still trying to move winter merchandise.  This clothing store for men and boys is offering 50 percent off all winter clothes and 60 percent off sport coats and outerwear jackets.  There’s also a sale rack out front with some multi-season cotton shirts marked down 75 percent.

Good through: The next few weeks


Deal:  Coming out of hibernation but still on a budget?  This nail and skin salon has a bargain basket with brand name nail color and cosmetics at clearance prices, including OPI, The Balm, Premiere and more.

Good through: Indefinitely


DEAL: The first sprigs of new grass might still be a few weeks away, but Mahoney’s is already offering bonus certificates when you buy Jonathan Green lawn care products (5,000 sq ft Program for $69.50, plus an $8 Mahoney’s Bonus Certificate, or 15,000 sq ft Program for $159.50, plus $25 certificate), and two other brands come with rebates. Bags of Neptune’s Harvest organic fertilizer are also on sale – all sizes approximately 30 percent off.

Good through: Early spring


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