Sen. Scott Brown Visits Concord

Signs books on porch of Colonial Inn Saturday.

The line to have Sen. Scott Brown sign his memoir snaked down Monument Street past several houses on the way to the North Bridge. Nobody minded, though, because Brown doesn't often come to town, and it was a beautiful Saturday.

On the porch of the , members of the Town Republican Committee opened cartons of his book, "Against All Odds" and when people paid for the book, they got in line. Brown posed for photos and signed each book in a large, imposing scrawl.

Across the street on the town green, men and women held signs not in protest, but to urge Brown to vote on issues that mattered to them, according to the League of Women Voters President Paula Vandever.

"We are not here to protest Senator Brown," she said, "but to urge him to support issues important to the League such as campaign finance reform, health care, reproductive rights, reducing CO2 emissions."

Brown's wife, Gail Huff, and candidate Sandi Martinez stood outside and spoke to well-wishers. Dean Cavaretta ushered people through the line, as war hero Tom Hudner greeted friends on the sidewalk.

Police directed traffic around the Inn carefully because there was plenty of gawking as motorists wondered what was happening inside.

Lorraine Loviglio April 11, 2011 at 02:22 PM
Dear Ms. Levinson, Did this very interesting event happen last month? Last week? Yesterday? I don't mean to be a grouch about this, but I wonder why you leave out one of the essential five W's of newswriting--namely "when." Lorraine Loviglio
Rich Levinson April 12, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Let's see, the subheadline says "Signs books on porch of Colonial Inn Saturday". I wonder why you don't mention one of the essential one "R" of newsreading - namely "read".


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