Tapping Your Creativity at DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Time for register for a spring class.

Have you been getting the sense that the creative side of you could use some renewal? 

Maybe you went to art school a few years back and your materials and supplies are in the back of the closet, or maybe you have never explored your artistic gifts, but are interested in discovering what you can do.

The real reason to take a class at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln is to awaken your creativity and enjoy a great learning experience. DeCordova offers a wide range of classes – from digital photography to jewelry making and metalsmithing, from printmaking to sculpture, and more. The spring semester starts at the end of April and runs through June 19.   

DeCordova welcomes people with all levels of experience. The classes are scheduled throughout the week, day and evening – giving you a range of possibilities for fitting a class or workshop into your schedule. 

Perhaps one of these classes will pique your interest:

-       Get Back to Drawing!  This class could be the jump-start you need;

-       Drawing Outside – A beginner class on the beautiful grounds at DeCordova;

-       Colored Pencil Drawing – This is a four-week class, but looks to cover a lot of material;

-       Twilight Watercolor – Experience and capture the beauty of light in a natural setting;

-       The Big Woodcut – Printmaking is centuries old and the possibilities are unlimited;

-       Jewelry Foundations – This will give you the basics to get started on a new endeavor.

If you don’t have time for a semester-long class, there are also workshops which are generally just one or two sessions. Many workshops are also held on weekends. 

Visit the deCordova website to see all the classes and workshops offered this spring and summer and let your creative juices flow!


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