Tons of Tomatoes, Festival at Verrill and Fall on the Horizon

Sweet corn and tomato season is in full gear at Concord farmstands.

Summer is almost over, but crops like corn and tomatoes remain in full swing on Concord farms. Here's our rundown of what you can find on local farmstands this week:

It's High Time for Corn and Tomatoes

Blueberry season has passed, but two of the most popular crops out there — corn and tomatoes — are prevalent all over local farmstands.

At on Monument Street, farm manager Brian Cramer hopes to pick tomatoes and corn until October, though the length of the season depends a bit on the weather.

"If it doesn't freeze we'll certainly be picking them through September and into October, but if it does freeze all bets are off," Cramer said.

Also in season at Hutchins are potatoes, melon, onions, and yellow, red and orange peppers.

Marshall Farm on Harrington Avenue also has a bunch of tomatoes in stock. They come in various types, including hairloom tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. 

"People love the hairlooms. They come out especially to get them,"  said the farm's owner Rick Marshall, who also has a bunch of different kinds of peppers at his new farmstand that opened this Mother's Day.

Corn and Tomato Festival at Verrill Farm

Looking for a unique way to enjoy what Verrill calls its "two most popular crops?"

Look no further than this Saturday, from 11 a.m to 3 p.m.

Over 30 varieties of homegrown tomatoes and up to eight kinds of corn will be served. The farm will also offer samples of dishes made in its farmstand with both summer ingredients at the forefront.

The event costs $8.50 for adults, and $4.50 for children under 10 years old.

Fall is Coming

Fall is almost upon us, and that means fall crops are starting to pop up at local farms.

Gourds, pumpkins and winter squash won't be ready for another couple of months, but they're starting to form on Marshall Farm, Rick Marshall said.

Hutchins Farm also has some fall crops as well as late summer crops popping up, including broccoli and various types of cabbage.

And the famous Hutchins apples? They're on tap for late August, Brian Cramer said, if all goes according to plan.


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