Venture Out to the Battle Road Trail [VIDEO]

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For the history buff looking to recreate the steps that some of this nation’s forefathers took, there are few better spots outside of Boston’s Freedom Trail than the Battle Road Trail in Concord.

Located in Minute Man National Park, and sharing space with recreational bikers and joggers, this historic path takes you through the same grounds that British soldiers marched through on April 19, 1775, as they were quickly met by an onslaught of colonial troops.

A visit to the trail should begin at Meriam Corner, named for the home once owned by Nathan Meriam. It was here that the British found themselves under heavy attack by minutemen and were sent running all the way to Charlestown.

The estate is preserved today to appear as it did 236 years ago and is surrounded by farmland. The house, one of the oldest in Concord, also houses restrooms and water fountains.

Heading east from the house will take you to the Farming Fields, open expanses that were also home to revolutionary battle. It was here that colonists took a stand against the redcoats, causing them to eventually retreat.

Further down the trail you will find a Paul Revere monument and various historic homes. Complete your trek with a trip to the visitors center, which contains revolutionary era relics.

The 5.5-mile trail can be explored by foot or bike, and is wheelchair accessible. Parking can be found in the area of Meriam Corner.

Frank Breen July 31, 2011 at 10:38 PM
Check out a Battle Run Trail tour video and other historical Concord videos: http://vimeo.com/channels/historicalconcord


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