We Want You ... To Blog on Concord Patch

Concord is choc full of interesting individuals and opinions, so why not share them on Patch?

Concord Patch is still in search of local bloggers, and we think you’d be perfect. (Yes, you!)

Think of it like writing a letter to the editor, as often as you want, and on any topic. Or like a conversation among friends and neighbors. Or as a way to share your expertise on whatever you’re skilled at. Everyone’s got something to say, and we’d love for you to say it on Concord Patch.

Are you a recent CCHS graduate embarking on your next adventure? Here on Patch, you can share your experiences with friends and family back home.

Do you teach yoga, know how to stretch a buck, play an instrument, dabble in photography, write poetry, make a mean chicken carbonara (or have the ability to pair it with the perfect wine), coach Little League, walk dogs, bake the perfect pie or have a crafty side? Share your talents in a blog on Patch—whether it’s a few photos of your handiwork with a short description, a how-to list or a story that will inspire others to follow suit.

Got a political opinion? Want to share your weekly sermon or an inspirational story? Just want to make us laugh? Blog!

Other members of the Concord community, like local realtors Kristin Brown-Orr and Zur Attias. And then there's Patricia Marks-Martinovich, the fashion blogger also known as "reverse commuter."

The great thing about blogging (a.k.a. writing for the Web) is that you can write in whatever style you choose, at any length, as often as you like. If you want to post something every day, do it. If you’re more of a weekly or every-other-week kind of blogger, that’s great, too. We want you all! 

Wondering why blogging's so important to us?

Concord Patch is more than a place to catch up on daily news and find business information in our local directory (though we think we do a pretty good job with both). We are a community, and no community is complete without lots of conversation, give and take, information, questions, answers and simple “hellos." We’re Concord online, and we—and your friends and neighbors—want to hear from you.

Interested? Send me an email at Patrick.Ball@patch.com or give me a call. I can’t wait to see what you have to say.


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