What's the Worst Valentine's Day Gift You've Received?

From a sewing machine to a can of air, women have received all kinds of bad gifts.


Depending on your view, Valentine's Day is either a fun holiday to show someone how much you care about them, or a Hallmark holiday created to increase card sales. Whatever you think of the holiday, don't forget to give something to your loved ones.

But be careful: you don't want your gift to end up on the receiver's "worst gift list." 

A story posted on iVillage includes "worst" gifts such as a sewing machine, tickets to a death metal concert and even a poinsettia. I even know someone who had to talk their friend out of buying a lamp for his sweetie for Valentine's Day. 

So on this Feb. 14, we want to know what was the worst gift you ever received on Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments. What could have made it better?


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