Spanish Students Need Homes, Picnic in the Park Needs Money, and the Weekend is Coming

Former Concord resident is looking to place her Spanish students; Picnic in the Park is looking for your time and/or money.


Here we are, at the last day of May – where does the time go?? I can hardly believe it’s already June, with three months of glorious summer ahead of us. I do love the warm weather!

I need to send out belated birthday wishes to my wonderful grandmother, Nellie Dexter – she turned ninety-nine last Sunday. I am so lucky to still have a grandmother! Her late husband, my grandfather Ralph, had roots here in Concord: his grandmother grew up here, and her family before that, all the way back to the late 1600’s. One of these days I’m going to head to our local library and look up exactly where in Concord they lived, and find out why they didn’t leave any valuable farmland to future generations, like me.

For those of you who do have a home here in Concord, if you have a little extra time and space in said home, consider inviting a student from Spain into your home this summer. There’s a group coming over from Madrid from June 29 to July 28; they’re with a new program created by former Concord resident Katka Tkacik. Katka, who graduated from CCHS in 2001, founded Native Lengua with a friend, the premise being that the best way to learn a language is through immersion. She learned that herself, through her high school exchange program, her study abroad program in Spain during college, and four years of teaching in public schools in Spain. So she’s bringing a group of 31 students aged 12 to 17 here for that immersion. She’s also bringing teachers with her, meaning the students will be in classes during the week.

Katka still needs around fifteen host families in this area, so if you’re interested in practicing some Spanish and meeting someone new, go here for all the details.

Support Your Local Picnic

I don’t know how many of you stick around for the summer, but I do know a lot of people show up every year at the annual July 4 Picnic in the Park. I know, because I go, too; it’s like a little slice of old-time Americana right here in Concord. I love the bike parade, and the patriotic music provided by the Concord Band, and the strawberry shortcake for sale. It’s such a low-tech, all-around fun way to celebrate our nation’s birthday, with the added bonus of getting to run into old friends.

But did you know it’s totally funded by private donations? And staffed by volunteers? If like me you love this institution, consider making a contribution now, in any amount; you can send it to Picnic in the Park at PO Box 1075, Concord. And if you want to be a part of this iconic event, you can contact the chairman, Frank Okurowski, at 978-369-6690 to volunteer. Whether you give money or time, or even both, I can guarantee he’ll be happy to hear from you.

One Last Reminder

Don’t forget about two great events happening this weekend here in town: Concord Museum’s Garden Tour on Friday and Saturday, and the Book Sale at the Library on Saturday. Both will make you happy in different ways.

Do you have something you would like to share? Contact me at stefanieac@comcast.net or Maureen at mcb23@comcast.net, and we will be happy to help you spread the good news. And follow us on Twitter: Maureen is @cosmo1162, I’m @stefanie3131.


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