A Healthy Dose

Local doctor goes on TV with winter health tips.

I had a very interesting experience last week: my computer hard drive crashed. It had nothing to do with the power outage – which I personally did not experience – but it took with it my email, and anything else I hadn’t recently backed up. Fortunately, my hard drive had showed its hand earlier with a few hiccups, which is the ONLY reason it was backed up at all. But I learned a good lesson, reacquainted myself with the phone, and am now rebuilding my personal preferences on my shiny new hard drive.

I’m not sure what made it crash, and may never know, but now my plan is prevention. Just as it is with my personal health: I exercise, try to eat veggies – in addition to my daily dose of chocolate, of course – and get a flu shot, though I’m not sure how much that really helps. So I was happy to hear that Concord’s own Dr. Sarah Williams is going on TV to talk about how to boost your immunity during the upcoming cold and flu season.

I’ve before: she’s been practicing something called functional medicine here in Concord for over 30 years – long enough to have learned quite a bit about homeopathic medicine and clinical nutrition. If you’re interested in health care as it applies to your whole being, physical and mental combined, she’s your gal.

To see her TV segment, check out the WCVB Eyeopener this week; it’s on Channel 5, with Bianca De la Garza. It will be either Thursday or Friday morning, so you may want to DVR it, but it will be worth watching if you want more ways to stay healthy over our long winter in your arsenal.

Friday Night Lights

I may have mentioned that I was performing ushering duties at the opening of the Concord Players’ show “The Drowsy Chaperone” on Friday night, and let me tell you, it was one rockin’ time! The show itself was nothing short of amazing: stellar performances, an engaging story, sets that changed like magic before your eyes. It runs for two more weekends, so if you haven’t already bought tickets, you really should.

But it was the opening night gala that took the even to a whole new level: there was champagne punch and little finger sandwiches, delectable desserts, and cake galore. And the people! There were fabulous outfits and fine jewelry and even some spectacular hats – so fun to see out in Concord on a Friday night. One woman was wearing her grandmother’s actual dress from 1920, in a tribute to the era of the show she came to watch. Priceless!

I’m telling you this so you can plan to attend the next opening night gala, when their winter show “Amateurs” opens, on February 10. It will be a party worth attending, for sure.


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