Concord's Social Media Saturday: Reader Highlights

From holiday movies to cell phone use, readers had a lot to say.


Concord was busy, as usual, this week. Here is a look at some of the topics that got readers talking.

  • In our calendar of events, we posted an announcement about . Chris Curtis said, "Gee, if only the Police in Concord would support local business in that manner." Steven Iverson added, in part, "I think town governments are in a difficult spot: with the explosion of online merchants like Amazon.com, brick-and-mortar stores are increasingly at risk of losing customers to online shopping, thus putting their very survival at risk. If stores lose enough business that they close, then the town loses part of its tax base. It's in town governments' own interests to keep this from happening. So I think town governments will need to ask themselves whether any kind of impediment to using local stores, including charging for parking, is wise." to read the rest of Iverson's comment. 
  • Early in the week, we featured a video highlighting . Cindy McCullough had this to say: "Mary, you are amazing! You inspire us all with your endless creativity and generosity! Thank you for your wonderful treat for the West Concord community and the extra reminder to support your local small businesses, not only during the holidays but year round! It is great to have you a part of our West Concord Village! Cheers and Happy Holidays to all from !"
  • On Monday, Maureen C. Belt discussed the , and how her situation — being punished for driving a car — reminded the columnist of Anne Rainsford French Bush, the first woman to receive a license to drive, and who happens to be interred at Sleepy Hollow. Stefanie Cloutier said, "I had no idea driving was such a lascivious activity — puts a whole new spin on my mom-chauffeuring activities. Thank you, Maureen!" Harry Beyer, who led readers on a in a series of stories this year said, "Thanks, Maureen. You have unearthed facts about Anne that I had never heard." to see what other commenters had to say.
  • On Thursday, Stefanie Cloutier told us about , a personal trainer at the Beede Center who is battling germ cell cancer, and how local residents can help support him in his fight. Janet Beyer said, "Nice thoughtful article, Stefanie. Count me in." On Facebook, Jane Martin said, "Will drop by the Beede Center later. Thanks for this and I hope he does well."
  • We also ran a couple polls this week, which readers really responded to. First, we asked folks to weigh in on their . With nearly 100 votes and close to 30 comments, we can't list everyone's choices here, but if you're looking for a good holiday movie, to see what Patch readers recommend.
  • The other poll asked readers for their opinions on . A majority of you voted in favor of the ban, 75 percent, and 25 percent are against it. Mike DelRose Jr. said, "Like the majority that have taken the poll, I've seen drivers both in conversation and texting that are not paying attention to their surroundings. As someone (like most of us) that has been on calls in the car, I think it's an appropriate and necessary sacrifice." to see what other commenters had to say about the potential of a cell phone ban for motorists.

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