LETTER: Supporting Bergen for Concord School Committee

Elsinore Street resident Susan Kalled writes that Lisa Bergen "places the utmost importance on what is right for Concord Schools."

To the Editor,

I write to urge your support and vote for Lisa Bergen for School Committee.

It would be accurate to say that all town citizens care about quality education for Concord children. How, then, does one measure the characteristics and qualities of a person who would be best suited to represent all of Concord on the School Committee when all candidates share the same commitment to education?

One could start by asking who has put words into action, who has exhibited that commitment by actually showing up in the past year to nearly all School Committee meetings to be informed of the issues, the challenges, and the processes for decision-making? Who has attended FinComm meetings when the school budget was being discussed, the Building Committee meetings to understand those complex issues and challenges? The answer is Lisa Bergen.

She has not only shown up, she has served Concord citizens with integrity and grace. Lisa served on both transportation committees looking at ways to maintain Concord-owned school buses for the safety of our children and fiscal responsibility for our citizens.

Through her chairwoman position on the Concord Transportation Committee she demonstrated the leadership qualities needed for our schools, these include the ability to create vision, to craft creative solutions to complex problems, to listen with open-mindedness, and a willingness to take responsibility.

Lisa places the utmost importance on what is right for Concord schools. She will not be content with mediocrity in educational programs or the working environment for our teachers. In her career she has been both an educator and education administrator and understands the importance of open communication and leading with inclusion and transparency.

In the current school committee race one thing is crystal clear, with Lisa Bergen on the School Committee everyone wins.

Susan KalledElsinore Street


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