Letter to the Editor: Transportation Dept. is a 'Tight Knit Team'

A driver expresses pride in the job, and concern over the future.


The following letter was submitted by Concord Carlisle bus driver Lisa Schreiber.

To the Editor:

I just wanted to say what a great tight-knit community the town of Concord is, and how blessed I am to be a professional bus driver for the town of Concord. On Dec. 3 I had the privilege of driving the CCHS band members to the Super Bowl game at the Gillette Stadium. There were also other bus drivers there on their own time to support the CCHS Patriots. The CCHS Patriots won and we are so proud of them. We had five Concord Carlisle busses driving the football team, cheerleaders, and band members to the game, and let me say, it was such an honor to be part of that. When we arrived back in Concord we had a police escorted parade through the town with all of the Concord Carlisle busses proudly showing team spirit.

Our Transportation Department in Concord includes the management team, administrative assistant, bus drivers, and mechanics, and I must say we are also a tight-knit team who are honored to work for the town of Concord. As a team, I believe we provide exceptional services for Concord. We all love what we do and go above and beyond for the schools, the parents, and the students because we truly care about transporting the precious cargo who are your children.  

Unfortunately, there is a bid out to privatize the transportation department which will truly affect our close-knit team and the town of Concord. The Transportation Department would no longer be what it is today.

We have three outstanding mechanics who always:

  • Make sure the busses are safe for the drivers and your children
  • In emergencies are at the scene within minutes to fix the problem
  • If a bus breaks down they are there within minutes with a new bus so we can continue our route with minimal delay
  • Have a desire to put the students first in all situations

We have professional bus drivers who:

  • Provide a safe ride to school for the students
  • Put the students’ needs first
  • Know the town of Concord and our routes
  • Are willing to go the extra mile no matter what
  • Work as a team and help each other out
  • Have a personal relationship with the students and their parents
  • Love what we do every day and it shows

If the town of Concord does outsource the Transportation Department this all will be gone because the mechanics will not have a job and not all bus drivers will be hired by a new bus company. Those that are hired will lose all their benefits they have worked so hard for.

When we win the Super Bowl in 2012 I hope to still be a Town of Concord employee working with our close-knit transportation team driving our winning teams to the Gillette Stadium. It breaks my heart to think we may not be around in 2012. Please do not privatize our Transportation Department, the effects of such a move will not be good for the students or the Transportation Department.

Lisa Schreiber

Concord Carlisle Bus Driver


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