Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and Kids Helping Kids

Concord Boy Scouts collect donations for Afghan kids.

I think it’s so great when kids want to help other kids, particularly kids they’ve never even met before. That’s what the Boy Scouts Troop 132 is doing, by collecting clothes and toys and school supplies for kids in Afghanistan. The cause is Operation Outreach Afghanistan, an organization in Afghanistan that helps local kids — kids who have been living with war for years and can use a few things.

Can you imagine not having winter clothes when it gets cold? Or going to school but not having the supplies to actually learn? These are things that kids here in Concord are lucky enough to not even have to think about, which is why it’s great that these kids ARE thinking about them for kids who HAVE to think about them.

The Scouts were inspired by their former Scout Master Mark Merlino, whose family lives here in Concord and who’s currently serving at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan. They’ll be at the Scout House on Walden Street next Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 7-9 p.m. to collect the following items. Feel free to drop by, but if that night doesn’t work for you, just call Geoff Walton at 602-206-4018 and he’ll help you out.

Here’s what they need:

  • Children's clothing, shoes, and toys
  • School supplies and book bags
  • Blankets and other cold weather items (hats, gloves, etc.) 
  • Medical kits (unopened)
  • Financial Contributions

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

While we’re on the subject of helping, I’d like to mention a neighbor of mine who could use a little help: local raspberry growers Silferleaf Farm, on Strawberry Hill Road. One of the reasons I don’t completely hate the end of summer is that it brings raspberry season, and the familiar little hand-painted signs directing people from the rotary and Lowell Road up to Silferleaf farm and their organic raspberry patch. I love that it’s so close that I can pick in time to put them on my waffles in the morning — not recommended, since they actually like you to wait until the dew dries.

Unfortunately, you may have read that this year’s raspberry crop has been decimated by a new strain of fruit fly, one that goes after the fruit even before it ripens, so that the berries rot on the bush. Silferleaf had to close down their picking business at the height of their season.

The good news is that they still have two raspberry items for sale: raspberry infusion, for use in cooking, and raspberry jam. Both are delicious if you want them for yourself, and they make fabulous gifts. If you’re interested in buying some, and helping a neighbor get through a bad farming season, just email them at silferleaf@gmail.com or call Tom the owner at 978-369-3624.


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