Question of the Day: Do You Plan to Travel or Host on Thanksgiving?

What are your holiday plans? Tell us in the comments section below.


With a handful of other holidays and popular vacation weeks aside, Thanksgiving is often one of the most heavily traveled days of the year with people using all modes of transportation to make it home for that annual turkey dinner.

With gas prices still in flux and people's discretionary income continuing to feel the pinch of a down economy, many people are switching up their plans and opting to host rather than travel. Maybe a potluck Thanksgiving has become a new tradition with everyone around the table contributing a dish instead of one person or family supplying all the food.

One of the best aspects of Thanksgiving is gathering together with your loved ones, but changing times call for flexible plans, and we want to know what you're doing for Thanksgiving. 

Will you be bundling up and heading over to the CCHS football game, or loading up the car and hitting the road early in the morning? Perhaps you'll be up all night basting the turkey and peeling potatoes in preparation of a house full of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Today's Question of the Day is: Do you plan to travel or host on Thanksgiving?


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