Reader Picks: Concord Teachers of the Year

See who Concord Patch readers named Teachers of the Year.


Earlier this month we asked everyone out there in Patch-land to share their thoughts on who should be named . With so many quality educators in town, it was impossible to come up with only one answer, so here — in no particular order — are your choices for Concord's Teachers of the Year:

  • Stefanie Cloutier said, "Elementary level: Wendy Marrotta, second grade teacher at . Somehow manages to teach each kid in the way that they need. Miraculous! Middle school: tie between Linda Penniston and Maryann Moran. Two stellar English teachers that take no guff. : so far, chemistry teacher Carla Sechman gets my vote, for knowledge and enthusiasm."
  • Regine Ryder said, ": Al Dentino, Band Director. He has inspired many High School musicians through the many years he has taught. A totally dedicated teacher who managed to cover for 1 1/2 positions during the last years. He leads the Jazz Band, Rep Band, Concert Band, last but not least, the Pep Band, and of course the pit orchestra for the musicals. And he managed to bring the orchestra to a high performance level. He has time for his students at any time, cares deeply about their well-being, and encourages them to study for their academic subjects as well. Unfortunately, this will be his last year. We would need at least two teacher positions in order to cover everything he did."
  • Valerie Tratnyek said, "Without a doubt, Robert Lemaire, at the , has had the most positive influence on our family. He inspired my husband, as a third grade teacher, many years ago, as well as having taught both my son and daughter. I have witnessed his genuine interest in every student's abilities, and his careful consideration of how to stretch a child's interests. He has been the director of the Thoreau School's famous Halloween performance, which I doubt would exist without him. He is an example of a teacher who goes the extra mile in many ways, and deserves a HUGE thank you!"

to learn about some more of Concord's top teachers. Is there someone you'd name Teacher of the Year? Who do you think is most dedicated to the children of Concord? Tell us in the comments section below.


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