Taxes Due, Recapping the Sidewalk Sale and Saying Farewell

Is August really already upon us?

Hello and welcome to the last day of July 2012.

Can we be entering August so soon? As I’ve said before, August always reminded me of one long Sunday night before the kickoff of school and stricter routines. Let’s make the best of these last few - hopefully lazy - days of summer.

Fewer things bring reality home as the due date for the first quarter property tax bill. That’s tomorrow, so don’t forget. Yes, I know none of us likes paying taxes too much, but look at all you get: I’ll cite only a few examples: Excellent emergency services, superb public education, gorgeous landscapes, excellent roads and a government that works hard to maintain the integrity of our community.

Sidewalk Sales

I hope you all got a chance to take advantage of the Chamber of Commerce’s Sizzlin’ Sidewalk Sale last Saturday. I was out of town, but was lucky to still find a ‘find,” on Sunday. These programs not only boost business for our beloved local merchants, they bring all us bargain hunters together in the streets to shop, catch up and sample some of the fine food selections available right here in our very own town. Who needs Moody Street?

The Chamber of Commerce also employs many certified tour guides who take tourists around to see some of the highlights of the American and Literary revolutions. Many thanks for all the work the Chamber does.

All the weather-related websites say we have another hot week ahead. The town is asking us each once again to help conserve energy and water. Even if we cut back 50 percent on each, we’d make a huge difference for not just our town, but also our environment.

Farewell for now

This is my last column for Patch until further notice. Thank you very much to you, the readers. I always loved hearing from you and receiving your great column ideas. Thank you also to all the Patch editors past and present and of course Stefanie, who writes such cheerful and enjoyable pieces for About Town.

Very truly,


If you have a story idea, contact Stefanie Cloutier at stefanieac@comcast.net, and she will be sure to work with you.


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