Newton Police Log: Man Arrested at Mayor's Town Hall Meeting

The following information was supplied by the Newton Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

A Newton man was arrested Sunday, Jan. 27 after he allegedly disturbed the mayor's town hall meeting at the Pellegrini Field House in Nonanutm. 

Adam Quentin Maleson, 53, of 153 Concord St., was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, police said. 

According to Newton Police reports, officers were dispatched to the field house Sunday afternoon for reports of an unruly party. When police arrived on scene, the detective informed them that a man (Maleson) had been "screaming and yelling" and was disturbing the meeting, but had since calmed down. 

After responding to the scene, police were in the lobby of the gym when they reportedly heard yelling again, and then spotted Maleson grab his chair, pick it up and "hold it in a threatening manner." 

Police then saw Maleson throw the chair to the ground and "aggressively charge" toward the front of the gymnasium, where a woman was making a presentation, reports said. 

Reports said the field house was filled with roughly 40-50 people, including Mayor Setti Warren and other Newton officials. The mayor held the town hall meeting on to discuss his proposed $11.4 million override, which will go to the Newton voters on March 12. 

For questions on this police blotter, email Editor Melanie Graham at Melanie.Graham@patch.com.

Adam Maleson January 30, 2013 at 02:49 AM
I attended this Town Hall Meeting with the intention of pointing out that the obvious and simple solution to this whole situation is slash in half the top 100 or 200 highest paid city employees, beginning with the mayor's. That is the solution that would be OBVIOUS to a true leader of the city. It was delightful to hear the mayor in his opening remarks mention how they had considered slashing the school lunch program to come up with the $12 million. They don't hesitate to consider getting this money by taking food out of the mouths of Newton's schoolchildren, but it NEVER for a moment occurred to them to consider tightening their OWN belts. And yet, they stand there looking you in the eye and yadda yadda yadda about dedication to the community and commitment to public service blah blah blah. The sort of remarks the mayor made in his words of tribute to the late alderman Merrill. Those same qualities of commitment and service etc. don't extend as far as actually being willing to take a paycut themselves. But they don't hesitate to consider raising YOUR taxes, which are already the source of their inflated salaries. Nor do they hesitate to consider taking food out of the mouths of the children at the schools.
Melanie Graham January 30, 2013 at 04:58 AM
A comment has been removed from this story for violating the Patch Terms of Use. Please make sure to check the terms at http://newton.patch.com/terms.
Adam Maleson January 30, 2013 at 04:09 PM
The Newton Patch should abide by its own Terms of Use, otherwise its policies become mere hypocrisy. The Terms of Use clearly specify the following prohibitions on posting content: "is defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or offensive;" The police report that was posted on the Patch was defamatory toward Adam Maleson "violates any party’s right of publicity or right of privacy;" Posting my home address violates my right of privacy "is inaccurate, false or misleading in any way;" The police report you posted was inaccurate, false, and misleading
Truthy January 30, 2013 at 11:30 PM
I, know Adam he is a kind and generous and he cares about the taxpayers of the City, therefor Setti Warren who cares about going to Washington, should for once talk about his own anger, and the fact that he lied in his first term saying "I will give the city my full term" he then tried to raise money to run for Sen. Elizabeth Warren seat. Also remember that the many people in that room are looking for monies for their Departments, and many attendees live in other Cities.
Gregg Tong January 31, 2013 at 04:22 AM
I think Mayor Warren has done some good things and some not so great things. A certain upgrade over former Mayor Cohen, but that is not a lofty accomplishment. I must however mention, under his tenure, I find it strange that the Newton Police dept has recently resembled the Police Academy movies. I just saw a local Fox 25 news report that they paid 7 officers overnight overtime to watch a building that was successfully burgled during their watch. Given the media's tendency to exaggerate, the facts remain that this, combined with the egging incident and the Chief's recent workplace inappropriateness lawsuit are a bit troubling to this tax contributing resident being asked for more financial support. Just saying. To go back on topic,


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