Police: Private Investigators and Loose Dogs

The following information was provided by the Bedford Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.


Tuesday, Nov. 6

3:03 a.m.- Police received a call from the Bedford Plaza Hotel requesting a check on a vehicle that had been left in the parking garage. The responding officer reported all was in order.

7:42 a.m.- The Bedford Police Department received a call reporting a vehicle being operated erratically on North Road, passing on the double yellow line. The vehicle was described as a new, light colored pickup truck. The vehicle was last seen on Pine Hill Road, prior to the four-way stop. Responding officers checked the area, but could not find anything. 

8:48 a.m.- A caller reported a vehicle being operated erratically on Great Road heading into town. The caller reported the operator of the vehicle passed them across the double yellow line at a high rate of speed. The responding officer stopped the vehicle and spoke with the individual who was driving, issuing them a verbal warning.

10:36 a.m.- A resident of Winchester Drive called to report their Husky had gotten out of their yard and was running loose. The responding officer checked the area, but could not locate the dog. The owner called BPD later to inform them the dog was safe at home.

12:16 p.m.- A resident of Washington Street called to report a loose young black lab with white fur on its chest was in her yard.

1:13 p.m.- A caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked at 50 Loomis Street. The responding officer spoke with the owner of the vehicle who reported he was a private investigator who followed someone into the lot.

3:09 p.m.- Police received a call reporting three male youths had started a fire outside on Springs Road near Fawn Lake. The responding officer reported the fire was extinguished.

4:26 p.m.- A resident of Taylor Pond Lane reported a larceny of their bicycle from a locked storage unit. Officers responded.

6:06 p.m.- Police received a silent 911 call from a resident of Great Road. The responding officer spoke with the homeowner who reported a child was playing with the phone and had dialed by accident.


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