ADA Compliant Sidewalk Ramps; Community Food Plan; Medical Reserve Corps

This week, from the office of Town Manager Christopher Whelan


The following information comes from Town Manager Christopher Whelan's weekly report.

The Concord Public Works Department has begun preliminary survey and design for the 2012 sidewalk maintenance program. The sections of sidewalks tentatively included in the plan are on Fairhaven Road, Monument Square, Commonwealth Avenue, Old Bedford Road, Fox Lane, Belknap Street, Grant Street, and the Rideout Playground parking lot.

Also included in the preliminary plan is the installation of ADA compliant ramps on sidewalks along Old Bedford Road, Bedford Street, Main Street, and Walden Street. According to Whelan's report, the design will be completed in the coming weeks, with public hearings, outreach, and bid preparation taking place to allow work to begin in mid to late spring.

Similarly, CPW has completed bid documents for the 2012 road crack sealing project. Bids will open on Feb. 17. The tentative list of roads scheduled for crack filling include sections of Monument Square, Upland Road, Lexington Road, Lowell Road, Edgewood Road, Old Marlboro Road, and Pine Street. Alternative roads for the plan include sections of Emerson Road, Annursnac Hill Road, Stow Street, Harrington Avenue, Old Bedford Road, Nashawtuc Road, Central Street, and Sudbury Road.

The project is expected to begin on or around April 1 in order to have the Patriots Day Parade route ready in time for the holiday.

The Health Division is looking for volunteers for the Concord Medical Reserve Corps.

According to Whelan's report, "Concord’s Medical Reserve Corps is a committed group of volunteers, with and without medical backgrounds, who help keep our community safe by responding to public health emergencies. Recent events have taught us that all towns and cities need to be ready for anything, including natural disasters, terrorism, and disease. By volunteering, you can help ensure that all of Concord’s citizens, especially the most vulnerable, receive the care they need during a public health crisis. This might include staffing a shelter, assisting at an immunization clinic, or being available to respond to a natural disaster such as an ice storm, flood, or tornado."

A public meeting will be held for volunteers on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 7 p.m. at the Department of Planning and Land Management on Keyes Road.

Planning Division

The Planning Board, this week, approved the site plan for new athletic facility on Fairhaven Road. 

Earlier this month, the Historic Districts Commission approved certificates of appropriateness for sings, lights, air conditioner components, and changes to the facade of an Independence Court home; and approved the new additions, front porch, and paint color of a home on Lang Street.

Members of the Planning Division met with personnel from the Natural Resources Division and two graduate students from the Conway School of Landscape Design recently as well.

According to Whelan's report, the students will be preparing a food security plan for Concord, and will hold a public input meeting on Feb. 2 and a feedback meeting later in March. The ultimate goal of the group is to "provide a baseline of existing resources and conditions, with recommendations identified for future action."

Click here to read Whelan's complete weekly report.

jean h. hill January 19, 2012 at 06:18 PM
I know that the sale of tobacco products has been banned in pharmacies. However, there are seven gas stations in Concord that sell cigarettes in vending machines. Should the ban extend to them?
Bill Montague January 19, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Hi It's me Bill Montague, Well if the town in planning on improving the sidewalks, then they need to bring the Handicapped Crosswalks up to the Federal Law "The American wit Disabilities Act (AD) 4.8.8 Outdoor ramps abd their approaches shall be disigned so the Water will not accumulate on walking surfaces. There are (4) in my neighborhood Walden and Main st. they are (4) of them - (1) .27 Main St. (2.) 73 Main St. (3.) 45 Walden St. (4) a very large puddle formes in the Walden St. parking lot just behind Sally Ann Bakery. All of these place are a hazard in winter when the water turns to ice and you a light covering of snow. I know I have found my self on my back! So once you fall in one of them it gets your attention right a way. Noting like a large pain to get you attention. I have photos of all (4) spots that I am going to send to each Selectmen and the Public Works Dept. by certified Mail return reciept requested so they will not be able to say they did not know about them. The Law calls this Putting you on Notice. So watch you step in the meantime. Cheers! Bill Montague


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