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Carlisle Town Meeting Votes "Yes" on CCHS

The project proposal now has to pass a ballot vote in both towns on Nov. 15.

Voters at Carlisle's Special Town Meeting last night voted in favor of the proposed , 494-14.

The $92.5 million building project still has to be approved by ballot vote in both Concord and Carlisle on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

CCHS senior and student representative on the Building Committee Benjamin Rizkin said when he first became involved in the process a year ago, he was not sure just what was the best solution for the district to fix all of the problems that plague the current high school.

"At first, I wasn't originally convinced we needed to do it," Rizkin said.

What changed his mind was the price tag on the project. With a no-build option estimated at $70 million, and other hybrid options estimated in the mid $90 million range, the $92.5 complete rebuild — with $28 million thrown in from the Massachusetts School Building Authority — Rizkin said, is just the cheapest option for both towns.

"It's going to cost more to renovate," Rizkin said.

Even though both towns are required to approve the full borrowing amount of $92.5 million, with the state contribution, Concord is responsible for $47.1 million and Carlisle for $17.4 million, based on a 73-27 percent split.

Rizkin said he initially got involved with the Building Committee by attending a public forum to ask questions about the financial impact of the project. Now, a year later, the CCHS senior said he is confident after seeing the numbers at both town meetings, that next Tuesday will result in the final necessary approvals.

"I feel we won't have any problems at the polls," Rizkin said. "This is good for the community."

Phebe Ham November 09, 2011 at 04:40 PM
The school committee hasn't given the public any detailed evidence about other options ffor the High School which would be less costly. Why didn't you say what the vot was?? I understand it was 400 to 14. That should have been in yhour story. Phebe Ham
Christopher Tanguay November 09, 2011 at 06:13 PM
Phebe, the vote count, 494-14, is in the very beginning of the article.


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