CPW Cleaning the System

Concord Public Works will be flushing out water mains over the next couple weeks to reduce sediment from the town's water supply system and keep the water in your home clean and flowing.

The Concord Public Works Department is beginning the biannual fall water main flushing today.

According to the CPW, "Flushing is routinely conducted in spring and fall because the demand for water tends to be at its lowest and cold weather is not an issue.

"Water mains are flushed for several reasons. It allows hydrants to be periodically used and identified for maintenance or replacement and provides an opportunity for tests to be done to determine if water flow and pressure are sufficient." 

According to a notice issued by the CPW this week, residents should be aware of a few things during the flushing process.

  • Collect drinking water from your tap before we conduct flushing activities in your neighborhood. It is recommended not to ingest large amounts of water if it is discolored but it is safe for activities such as bathing and dishwashing.
  • If we have completed our flushing exercise and you notice sediment in your service, run a cold water tap without the aeration screen for five-to-ten minutes. This should remove residual sediment from inside your service.
  • If you note discoloration within your hot water system exclusively, you may need to purge your hot water tank. Sediment accumulates inside these tanks over time. Refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s maintenance requirements. CPW recommends doing this once a year to prevent build-up. This will also help save energy and prolong the life of your tank! Generic directions for flushing gas and electric water heaters are available on our website or by stopping by our office.
  • If discoloration persists, contact the CPW Water and Sewer Division (978) 318-3250 for further assistance.
  • If you have an in-ground irrigation system CPW recommends that they are shut off during flushing/flow test activities. This will help avoid bringing in any suspended sediment into irrigation lines which could potentially lead to problems like leaks or clogs.

Here is the tentative schedule for flushing activities over the next couple of weeks:

Oct. 11-12 — Monument Street, Great Meadows Road, Monument Farm Road, Silver Hill Road, Liberty Street, Estabrook Road.

Oct. 12-13 — Lowell Road, Farmer’s Cliff Road, Lindsay Pond Road, Westford Road, Middlesex School, Bartkus Farm

Oct. 14 — Fire Hydrant Flow Test at Northeast Correctional Center

Oct. 17-18 — Elm Street, Nashoba Road, Crescent Road, Wood Street, Baker Avenue, Allen Farm Lane, Nimrod Drive, Adams Road, Park Lane, Simon Willard Road, Nashawtuc Road, Musketaquid Road.

Oct. 18-19 — Laws Brook Road, Main Street, Conant Street, Domino Drive, Wedgwood Cmn., Maple Street, Wright Road, Crabtree Road, Bayberry Road, Sorrel Road, Oak Hill Circle, Hill Street, Summit Street.

Oct. 19-20 — Barretts Mill Road, Lee Dive, College Road, Temple Road, Annursnac Hill Road, Strawberry Hill Road, Channing Road.

Oct. 20 — Fire Hydrant Flow Test at MCI Concord.

Oct. 20-21 — Elm Street from the rotary to Great Road in Acton.

For more information, visit the CPW online, or call the Water and Sewer Division at (978) 318- 3250.


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