LETTER: Barrett 'Will Champion What Is Important to You'

Allen Farm Lane resident Norma Shapiro writes in support of Mike Barrett, a Lexington Democrat seeking the state Senate seat representing the Third Middlesex District, which includes Concord.

To the Editor:

Some men are better supporters of women’s issues than some women are.  During his years in the Massachusetts legislature, Mike Barrett has proven himself to be one of those good men. Perhaps it is growing up with five sisters, or raising two daughters with his wife. Whatever the reason, Mike is a feminist who has demonstrated his understanding through leadership on Beacon Hill where he won plaudits for his support for women.

Mike has been a leader on health care issues including his promotion of comprehensive family planning and reproductive choice. He wrote and championed the first law in the nation to require that judges asked for restraining orders be networked to criminal records to see if there was a record of past abuse—an important step in the prevention of violence against women.

Mike’s concern about other inequality and disparities in opportunities have led him to promote the advancement of those with disabilities, the elderly, and those who had been harmed by discrimination. He was an early courageous voice for equal treatment based on sexual orientation—and he had to stand up against the leadership at that time. Mike’s demonstrated independence is based on principle.

His leadership has been critical to improving curriculum for K-12 students and was urgent in the development of state standards for schools.  Mike cares about local communities and the critical services they deliver. He was the first chair of the legislature’s Environmental caucus. 

Mike Barrett will champion what is important to you as he always has—and he will be a hard working, effective leader. I urge you to vote for Mike Barrett for State Senate.

Norma Shapiro
24 Allen Farm Lane
Concord, MA 01742


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