Middlesex Community College Receives Clean Energy Grant

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources awarded Middlesex Community College a clean energy grant as the college prepares to install geothermal technology on campus.


Middlesex Community College received a grant amounting to $75,514 from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) on Oct. 4., which will fund clean energy initiatives at the school's Bedford campus, according to the DOER.

DOER announced last week clean energy grants totalling more than $700,000 awarded to three community colleges across the state, including Middlesex. 

The grant award "is based on the college's submitted proposal and follow-up documentation provided to the DOER and on the clear and environmental benefits associated with this project," according to DOER Commissioner Mark Sylvia. 

The presentation of the grant comes as Middlesex prepares to install a ground source heat pump on Tuesday, Oct. 9, a geothermal central cooling system which will pump hot air from a building into the ground, according to Patrick Cook, Executive Director of Public Affairs at Middlesex. 

The pump, a project completed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management, will replace the current cooling system at the school's Trustee's House, a three story, 9,800 square foot building.

Students taking Environmental Science this fall will be able to monitor the pump's above ground dashboard, which will allow them to further understand the benefits of geothermal technology, according to a press release from Middlesex Community College. 

The college received a federal grant to fund the project in 2008 through the efforts of U.S. Rep. John Tierney, who will attend Tuesday's installation.

DOER officials will also attend the installation to announce the new grant.


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