Senate Hopefuls Sound Off After Fargo News

A battle of Lexington and Concord brewing for the 3rd Middlesex seat state Sen. Fargo is leaving after 15 years.


In the days following state , two candidates to replace her have released statements looking to distance themselves from the establishment and the rest of the field.

First came a Feb. 13 statement from Greg Howes, a Concord selectman and Republican candidate for state senate in the 3rd Middlesex district, which includes precincts 3, 8 and 9 in Lexington. Howes wished Fargo well in her retirement, but stressed her departure does not change the larger “systematic problems” he wants.

“The other candidates in the race reflect the same tired politics we have experienced for the past 16 years,” Howes said in the statement. “My campaign is an indictment of an antiquated political system that has failed to embrace our collective, shared values and make them relevant today. Beacon Hill has become corrupt, collusive and condescending to the voters of Massachusetts. It’s time to bring balanced, practical leadership to the State House.”

Earlier today, Mike Barrett, a Democratic candidate from Lexington, issued a statement in which he calls Howes a friend, rejects his opponent's claims and wishes everyone a “Happy Valentine’s Day.” 

Barrett, a former state legislator who left politics 17 years ago after unsuccessful bid for governor, said his former constituents in Cambridge and Belmont would disagree that he spent his time in the state Senate “defending antiquated politics.”

As a parting shot, Barrett, who , also encouraged his fellow candidates to keep it clean throughout the rest of the race.

“May I say to all my fellow candidates in this interesting state Senate race – and I’ll try to remind myself of the same point – that it’s too early to sling mud,” he said in the statement. “With a little luck and more self-discipline, the time for mud slinging will never come.”

Chelmsford Republican Sandi Martinez has also said she's making another bid for the 3rd Middlesex seat, which represents Bedford, Carlisle, Concord, Lincoln, Waltham, Weston and parts of Lexington and Sudbury.


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