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VIDEO: Howard Dean Calls Brown-Warren Most Important US Senate Race

Dean also offered to make a $10,000-bet with Mitt Romney while riling up a crowd of canvassers at the Lexington/Arlington Democratic Campaign headquarters on Massachusetts Avenue.

Add Howard Dean to the list of Democrats crisscrossing the commonwealth in support of Elizabeth Warren in these last few days before the Nov. 6 election.

The former Vermont governor and DNC Chairman was in Lexington on yesterday, Nov. 3, to rile up a crowd of canvassers at the Lexington/Arlington Democratic Campaign headquarters on Massachusetts Avenue.

“I imagine that we have about 5,000 votes in this room,” Dean told the crowd of a 100 or so, “Because that’s what you’re going to do in the next three days -- to make sure all these folks get to the polls. This is really critical.”

Dean said Warren, the Democratic darling running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Scott Brown, would be the party’s best weapon on Capitol Hill and would “hold people’s feet to the fire” to keep her colleagues accountable.

“This is the most important senate race in the United States,” Dean said. “This is a net gain of two for us – out with Scott Brown, in with Elizabeth Warren.”

According to a Nov. 3 Globe story, a new poll has Warren leading Brown by six percentage points.

From The Globe:

The poll by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic leaning firm, found Warren ahead 52 percent to 46 percent. The automated telephone poll of 1,089 likely voters was taken Thursday and Friday and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. The poll found Brown has a high approval rating, with 52 percent saying they approve of his job performance and only 36 percent disapproving.

During his few minutes on the stump in Lexington, Dean also managed to fit in a crack at Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee.

“You know, Mitt Romney says from Day One he’s going to do this and do that, well I’ll bet him $10,000 he doesn’t do any of that stuff,” said Dean, a former presidential candidate who made his own fairly famous faux pas on the campaign trail in 2004, “Because on Day One, he’s probably going to be in the Cayman Islands on vacation. Elizabeth Warren can do stuff from Day One.”


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