5 Ways the Government Shutdown Affects, or Doesn't Affect, Concord

The shutdown of U.S. government functions took effect at midnight Oct. 1.

The shutdown of U.S. government functions took effect at midnight Oct. 1.
The shutdown of U.S. government functions took effect at midnight Oct. 1.
With a national park, wildlife refuge and Air Force Base around town, Concord is certainly feeling the effects of the government shutdown, which took effect at midnight on Oct. 1. Here are five ways the town is -- and isn't -- impacted. 

1. Anyone planning to visit a national historical site or monument or park will have to make sure they still will be admitted. Some attractions, including Minute Man National Historical Park here in Concord or the Freedom Trail in Boston, will be be open for self-guided walks, but will not have any guides at key sites. Others, including the JFK Library, are closed until further notice.

2. Mail delivery is not affected. The U.S. Postal Service is funded through sale of  stamps and other products.

3. Veterans services in Concord and other Massachusetts towns are state- and locally funded and so are NOT affected.

4. Federal employees may be furloughed, and several thousand already have been as of Tuesday. Dozens of services at Hanscom Air Force Base have been impacted by the shutdown. And, similarly, in Natick, the employees at Natick Labs were placed on unpaid furloughs. Anyone seeking information from a federal agency, including the U.S. Department of Education, will learn that no one is updating their websites or social media accounts, because most employees are furloughed.

5. Since it is home to all or portions of Minute Man National Historical Park, Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge and Hanscom Air Force Base, Concord is definitely impacted by the shutdown. Residents who work for the federal government have been furloughed, and locals who like to walk through the Minute Man or Great Meadows may find parking lots locked up. Additionally, Town Manager Chris Whelan said Tuesday that he expected the Concord Police Department would set up its patrols in areas furloughed rangers would ordinarily monitor. 


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