Working for West Concord

Selectmen thank task force for a job well done, and welcome a new board to be the voice of West Concord.


The last night voted to dissolve the West Concord Task Force, and welcomed a new advisory board that will continue looking at town projects through a West Concord lens.

"This group has served for a long time with distinction," Selectman Greg Howes said of the Task Force. "They've helped with a lot of prickly issues and they've dealt with [them] with style and grace. We appreciate what they've done."

Christopher Sgarzi of the Planning Board was on hand at last night's meeting to discuss with selectmen the recently established West Concord Advisory Committee. The WCAC consists of seven members and two associate members, some of whom also served on the West Concord Task Force.

"We had some very strong candidates and we're very happy with the group that we have," Sgarzi said, adding that he would have liked to include a business owner and/or landlord from West Concord on the advisory committee but had none in the pool of candidates.

The charge of the WCAC going forward, is to advise the Planning Board on the impact of various projects and proposals on West Concord, and how they relate to the West Concord Master Plan.

"They could be a sounding board or a place for discussion for the public," Sgarzi said.

The WCAC is scheduled to meet monthly, but may convene more frequently if required to address a specific project.


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