CCHS Traffic, Parking Changes Take Effect Today

Morning drop-off, afternoon pick-up and parking are all affected as site work begins on the Concord-Carlisle High School building project.


It’s been a rocky road to get here, but site work has begun on the Concord-Carlisle High School building project.

In a communication to the community, CCHS Principal Peter Badalament explained the start of site work, while an exciting development, would result in “some changes to daily life” on campus, with new patterns for traffic and parking taking effect today, Feb. 25.

The letter, which was sent home to parents prior to February vacation, can be read in full by clicking the PDF posted to your right, and is also available on the CCHS Building Committee’s website.

“The most significant change that will impact you as parents is the way in which you pick-up, drop-off and park,” Badalament wrote, before laying out the changes. “While some of this might take us a few days to get used to, please remember that these inconveniences are minor compared to what we would have to go through if we were undergoing major renovations.”

The Changes

Starting today, only staff and students may enter from the Walden Street entrance, with both groups parking in the main lot closest to Walden Street. All parents should enter from Thoreau Street, dropping their children in the front of the school as usual.

Come afternoon pick-up, parents will be limited to entering from Thoreau Street, then queuing up along the driveway as a new pick-up loop will be established to allow parents to turn around and also exit onto Thoreau Street. Parents will be asked not to enter the circle in front of the school at all, as athletic buses will be utilizing it in afternoons and evenings. And the Walden Street exit will be reserved for buses, faculty and student cars. 

Regarding parking, all visitor parking will be in the main lot near the S-building. All parking for school and athletic events will also be in the main lot, though there will be parking for turf field events in the lot near the fields available after 3:30 p.m.

Additionally, there will be no vehicular access to the lower gym lot or the rear of the school. However, parents will still be able to access the lower fields through what’s known as the “football game gate” and through a gate closer to the Thoreau Street entrance.


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