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Concord, Concord-Carlisle Bus Routes for 2012-2013

CPS and CCRSD have posted 2012-2013 bus routes on the district website. Find them there, or print the PDFs posted here.

For the students of the Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle High School, the 2012-2013 school year starts Tuesday, Sept. 4.

And, though much remains unsettled regarding the future of the districts' transportation department, the kids still have to get to school somehow. For many students, especially the younger ones, that mode of transportation is the big yellow school bus. And for the parents of said students, school bus schedules are as important a part of the back to school checklist as notebooks, backpacks and a new pair of kicks.

To that end, 2012-2013 bus schedules have been posted to the district website, the latest update being Aug. 29. (Printable versions of the PDFs also posted to your right.)

Along with the caveat that all routes are subject to change, the bus schedules are posted with some key information for riders and their parents, including that:

  • Some students will have a different bus to school and from school
  • All public elementary early Tuesdays school to home drops will be three hours earlier than posted. 
  • Person's whom are responsible for receiving students grades K-5 should be at the stop, and on the emergency contact list filed with the schoo
  • Under no circumstances will a kindergarten student be left a a bus stop with out Parent or Guardian to receive their child.
  • Students should be out at stops 5 minutes before scheduled stops in the morning

Back to the future of the Transportation Department, the CCHS Building Committee's agenda for this evening includes a discussion of the "Bus Depot Study Process" and a vote to approve funding for a bus depot analysis, so look for more on that later this week.


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