Earth Day Celebration, Ice Cream for All, and an Artist in the Making

Musketaquid Earth Day is this weekend; time is running out to load up your Bedford Farms card for a cause.


One of the things I love about this column is the opportunity to give shout-outs to people doing interesting and/or extraordinary things. Today that person would be my friend Zoe Gregoric. Zoe is a junior at , and two weeks ago she was featured as the “Art Student of the Week” in the Concord Journal. Her preferred art medium is photography, and she especially loves doing portraits – which, if you are her Facebook friend, you can see, as she loves posting them. I love seeing someone find a creative outlet for their passions, and I’m really proud of Zoe for finding, and following, hers. I can’t wait to see her continue to grow as an artist.

Another parade!

In case you weren’t paying attention, Earth Day happened last Sunday, commemorating the anniversary of the beginnings of environmental awareness and a commitment to keeping Earth clean. Concord plans to celebrate this Saturday with the Musketaquid Earth Day celebration honoring Mother Earth. The goal is to get as many people as possible involved, so bring your kids, your neighbors, and your friends down to the Lowell Road boat launch at 10 a.m. for the River Ceremony. According to the website, this will feature “wise and foolish chickens, and sprites from water and earth.” Who wouldn’t want to experience that?? A parade will start from there at 11 a.m., and wind its way to Emerson Umbrella; it will include large puppets and community groups, but anyone can join in and march. They’ll even have extra costumes for those who want to really get into the spirit of the day, but didn’t plan ahead enough to make their own costume.

When you get to , they will be hosting an Arts and Entertainment Festival on their grounds, featuring bands, food, information, even a glass-blowing demonstration by the very talented artists at Diablo Glass. All in all, a great way to celebrate this big blue marble we all have to share. So get out and party down! For all the good details, go to their website.

We all scream for ice cream

If you haven’t already, you should get on over to Bedford Farms Ice Cream on Thoreau Street to buy your Concord School Gift Card. Here’s how it works: you tell the server you want this card, load it up with any amount of money you want, and use it to purchase food and merchandise at Bedford Farms. You can reload the gift card as often as you like, and at the end of the month, Bedford Farms will donate 20 percent of the total placed onto the cards back to the Concord Schools. Such a deal! But you only have until the end of April – which is next Monday, by the by – to do this, so get a move on.

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